About the Civil Grand Jury

The Civil Grand Jury acts as a  watchdog for Alameda County’s 1.63 million citizens. It reviews the processes, policies and actions of all the various forms of local government to ensure they are operating in a fair, open and fiscally responsible manner.

The Civil Grand Jury concerns itself with local government. In this context local means Alameda County and its 14 cities and various special districts.  The special districts include 18 public school districts, BART, EBMUD, East Bay Regional Parks and 17 additional special districts.

Local does not mean small. Alameda County is the 7th largest county in a state with 58 counties. Alameda County has an annual budget of $2.7 billion dollars and employs 9,600 employees.

The Civil Grand Jury receives complaints from ordinary citizens and from whistle blowers within various agencies. All complaints are confidential.


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