About the Association

History  –  Jurors who had served on the Alameda County Civil Grand Jury organized in late 2016 as the Alameda County Chapter of the California Grand Jurors Association. We are a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, a 501.C.3 Tax Exempt Corporation.

The Alameda County Association is proud to be a chapter of the

 California Grand Jury Association 

The Alameda County Grand Jury Association is composed of former grand jurors from throughout the county.  Our goals are to support the grand jury system in our county and to promote local government accountability.  These goals are embodied in our mission statement:

Promote and support the grand jury system through training, education and outreach to encourage citizen participation in the Alameda County Civil Grand Jury.

Broadly, we pursue our goals through the following activities:

Recruitment –  we play an important role in calling attention to what grand juries do and why grand jurors are so vital to our local community.

Implementation –  we determine whether agencies and officials have followed through with their promised actions in response to the  grand jury recommendation.







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