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The rules governing the County of Alameda’s Civil Service Commission were adopted many years ago and are outdated in numerous respects. Among other problems, the current rules and procedures are hindering the county’s recruitment and hiring processes.

This presents a critical obstacle in obtaining the best qualified

candidates for available positions. The rules are also outdated in that they fail to take into account advances in technology that have occurred and the evolving relationship    between    the    Civil

In 1956, the commission adopted the current Civil Service Commission Rules under the authority of section 43 of the Charter. The Civil Service Rules were last updated in 2009.

Service Commission and the Human Resource Services department.

A prior attempt to update and streamline the civil service rules was proposed in 2008 but not adopted. It is now time for another review and effort by county management, labor, Human Resource Services, and the Civil Service Commission to work together to modernize this process.


Some of the provisions in the Civil Service Rules and the County Charter affecting the Civil Service Commission are out-of-date and needlessly and adversely affect the ability of the county to operate effectively. Although an effort in 2008 to revise the rules did not succeed, the Grand Jury believes that it is time for the appropriate stakeholders to review this subject again and make appropriate revisions. The appropriate stakeholders would include (but not necessarily be limited to) representatives of management and labor, Human Resource Services, the Civil Service Commission, and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors (to the extent board approval is required or desirable). The Grand Jury believes that updating the Civil Service Rules can only strengthen the county’s workforce.


Finding 17-34:

The outdated rules under which the county is currently working are hindering the recruitment and hiring process as well as other human resources operations.


Recommendation 17-24:

The County of Alameda must amend its Civil Service Rules, to update them to be more consistent with the current needs of the county, the skills of its workforce and the increased use of technology. In addition, the county must amend Sections 33-45 of the County’s Charter (entitled “Civil Service”) to the extent necessary to further that objective.


Alameda County Board of Supervisors:

Finding 17-34

Recommendations 17-24


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